How the Ehomful Super Star E002 be part of your life

Want to know what happened in your living room or office when you are not there?Or everything happened in your business conference room?Or how’s your nanny doing with kids? Or what is going on in the nursing home with elderly? Do you know when your Husky starts to explore and destroys your home while you are not there? You have come to the right place!

This Ehomful wifi spy mini camera E002 is born to satisfy you all what you do expect,playing in your hand,placing anywhere,streaming through out the world, 100% wire-free and absolutely get you peace of mind!

As A Portable Hidden Body Camera for you :

◆ Wi-Fi camera & Remote playback

◆ 1080P HD viewing video & 960P video file & 75°viewing angle

◆ View multiple camera images

◆ Multi users remote viewing

◆ IR Night Vision&Motion Detection

◆ Snapshot mode to capture any important moments

◆ Supports recording while charging

◆ Rechargeable battery & Charging while recording

◆ Supports 8- 64GB Micro SD card&Loop recording

◆ (SD card not include in the package,please format SD card as 32fat before using)

Your Full-time Home/Office Security Surveillance Device Business Environment

Ehomful E002 spy cameras can provide you a streaming access for stopping stock room theft to protecting employee property from petty theft in the workplace.No need DVR system, no need screw.You can place or move this camera into your home anywhere you want. Small portable size, built-in magnet and flexible bracket with sticker, you will never imagine that building your home security system for full function surveillance only spend you several minutes.

Checking up on Child Carers and Nannies

The E002 WiFi Spy Camera can let you keep a close watch on your children and to make sure that the carers entrusted with the job are taking appropriate care and doing their job properly. As nanny camera,provide you peace of mind in the knowledge that the nanny looking after your children is doing so in a reliable and caring manner

Family Games

Having some fun family games night in the weekend,you would definitely be very enjoyed. Literally Ehomful mini camera E002 can also join your games like paint-balling, hide and seek or board games. Imagine how much more exciting a game like paint-balling would be if you could monitor where the opposing team was hiding? The most important thing is you can record memories to be watched back at any time.

WiFi Camera for Your Pet

It’s no fun having to trudge off to work or school and spend the day wondering what your furry friend is up to back home. Are they lonely? Are they bored? Are they destroying the inside of your closet? Ehomful E002 camera will let you check in on your pet.

motion detection spy camera

Real-time Motion Detection Alerts & Clear Night Vision to Avoid Property Loss

With 'non-invasive' 940mm infrared sensor and an intelligent automatically on/off,gives you fantastic night experience even in pitch dark.When a motion is detected,the mini camera will take pictures,then instantly push the photos to your email(please set on PC Client).You will never miss something that matters.

DIY Film Making

Ehomful E002 camera can capture imagery of scenes a regular camera would be too large to achieve. Extreme sports, first-person perspectives of everyday life, and bird’s eye views are just a view of these exciting ways of implementing covert cameras for modern movies.

Wildlife Watching

Maybe you’re a keen birdwatcher keen to see owls in their nocturnal habitat? Perhaps you’re sure there is an interesting critter in your garden, or you’re a wildlife photography enthusiastic looking to learn about the activities of insects to make sure you get your best photos. Ehomful E002 camera are perfect for all of these uses, allowing you to discover the animal world of your surroundings like never before!


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