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I'm a video enthusiast and a student journalist studying online and print journalism in the University. My love for video recording started way back when I was a kid. My mother told me that I love video recording so much that most of my toys were cameras. At the age of 10, I got my first real video camera as a Christmas gift from my late Dad. But one of my regrets in life so far is the fact that the car dashboard camera I bought for my Dad's car actually recorded his accident which took his life. I'm always brought to tears whenever I watch the recording. It is so painful everytime I remember that I almost quit being a video enthusiast. That period was a perfect example of emotions getting in the way of passion. I was really stuck but I pulled through thanks to my mum and I made a pledge to always use camera to expose frauds, irregularities, wickedness and also use it to make the world a better place.

When I entered the University, the feeling to eventually get to learn more about my passion was so great. I loved the new world of print and online journalism in which I took keen interest in video production. By the end of my first year in the University, I've bought myself 3 different video cameras to get me underway into the world of journalism. And into my 2nd year, I've done quite a number of video projects and filming documentaries. It is just so fun, tasking and revealing of the impact video production makes in contribution to accurate and apt reportage in online and print journalism.

Fast forward to my final year when the mini spy camera I bought a year earlier saved me from the hands of intimidation and wickedness. On the day my mini spy camera would save me from intimidation and sexual harassment, I received a text message from my project supervisor that I should report to his office immediately and like the speed of light, I was in his office in no time. After a little chitchat, he started making advances to me and uttering dirty words while I was on my feet. I felt really disgusted at the extent at which he was trying to harass me sexually. I left his office angrily with him firing threatening words at me if I don't succumb to his demand. But how do I report him when I have virtually no evidence against him? Later at night that very day while I was going through the recorded video files on the memory card of the mini spy camera through my laptop, it was then that I discovered I had turned on recording for the secret coverage of my friend's drunken state before I left the lecture room for my project supervisor's office and gracious me, I always clip my mini spy camera to the edge of my handbag!
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