E042-Ehomful Hidden Camera Detector - Wireless Bug Detector - RF/LENS Detector

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Professional Anti-spy Detection
This Enhanced RF/LENS Bug build in upgraded sensitivity chip, using active laser scanning and passive wireless method, higher sensitivity, stronger anti-interference. Fast detection to find out all of the wireless cameras and audio bugs by RF frequency detection. Easy to use, effectively prevent eavesdropping, videotaping, fraud, tapping, GPS tracking locator, protect your personal privacy and business secrets confidential.
Widely Usage & Easy to Carry
This bug detector can accurately detect and find bugs, GPS trackers on the car, hidden cameras in the room, electromagnetic radiation from household appliances and signal sources around the living environment. Small size and can be used in the hand.
Detection Mode for Anti Spy and Tapping
There are multi-way to help you find bug camera. ①Laser detection ②Vibration (Mute) detection ③Beep detection ④LED display detection ⑤ Headset ( Laser Detection: Eyes can see all facing camera lens within sight through the host Windows, the distance range from 10cm to 10m)Press LED2 to illuminate, insert the earphone can hear the bell signal individual.
Warm Tips: 
RF signal detector is mainly for troubleshooting signal equipment. As there are a lot of interference signals around, Please adjust the sensitivity through the strength of the sound when detecting the signal. Close to the suspicious object, check the interference signal source. The real alarm of the detector is continuous. In order to make the detection result more accurate, please don’t close to your phone and other RF sources!

Package List: 
1 x Hidden Camera Detector
1 x Charger
1 x User Manual