E017-Ehomful MINI Body Camera , Asin :B07HN8G6J5 UPC 630792969591

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√  One Key Press for recording                                                                 
√  Clips onto clothes for wearable surveillance
√  Perfect for covert, portable and easy to place                                   
√  Utra wide angle len with capturing 140 degree field of view
√  Extreme convenience with USB plug for data reading anytime         
√  Long lasting built-in battery inside last up to 220 minutes recording           
√  Provide exact clear video or image at 1080P @ 30fps
The Ehomful E17 body worn pen camera measures 11cm x 2.5cm x 1.4cm for easily hold or wear.Camera is a powerful surveillance tool that looks and works like a normal USB flash drive.
●  It has USB plug that you can directly plug into the USB slot on your computer or laptop.
● This camera is extremely easy to record at anytime and anywhere you want. One button slide power ON/OFF on the side, one button press record to pause on the top.
● Smart led indicator with a complete clear logic.Keep your note where you start all the time. Completely light turned off for hidden purpose while in the recording process.
● You can wear the camera on your clothes or bag using clip. Whether you're at home,work,or walking down the street,no one will suspect that you're recording video.Also you can keep it on the desk or carry it around bookshelf。It's perfect for recording video on the go, capturing your personal conversations or for keeping an eye on your valuables.
Wearing around the neck is another great option for nice fashionable decoration.
● The camera features an ultra wide angle lens, capturing a massive 140° field of view, effectively recording everything that goes on in front of the camera.
The Ehomful E17 body worn camera is designed for portable surveillance. The device comes with up to 220 minutes of battery life.It also can be wired with extra power and lets you keep shooting for 24/7 hours.
What's in the Box?
1 x body camera with USB slot
1x USB 2.0 cable
1x Quick start Guide
1 x Lanyard

  • How to set up date and time stamping

    Connect the body camera with Micro SD card installed to laptop or desktop and find “set time.Txt” File.

    Open the file you will find like this: 2019-03-29, 23: 59: 59.You can revise the any number for year, date and time.

    When you complete you save the file. When the body camera run next, it will start from the date and time you set up, and synchronize with the exact time.

    How to set up 720P/1080P switching, loop recording on/off, and time stamping on/off

    Create one new.Txt format File and use name “settings”.

    The content format is 1, 1, 1 (comma is needed)

    The first 1 is for 720P/1080P switching.When you set 0, It is 720P. When you set 1, It is 1080P.

    The second 1 is for loop recording on/off. When you set 0, The loop recording is off.When you set 1, The loop recording is on.

    The third 1 is for time stamping on/off. When you set "0", The time stamping is off.When you set 1, The time stamping is on.

    For instance, if you want 1080P with loop recording and time stamping on,the correct settings is 1, 1, 1

    When you complete the setting, you save the file. The configuration will be available in the camera's next running.

    Note: The default setting of the body camera is 1080P with loop recording on and time stamping on. If this is the right configuration you want, There is no need to create.Txt format File for configuring again.


    Perfect for covert 1080P HD video at 30Fps

    Extreme convenience with USB plug for data reading

    Supports recording While charging

    Long battery running last up to 3 hours

    Storage: T flash card Max up to 64G

    Charge time: 1.5 hours

    Size: 4.4 * 1.0 * 0.6 in Weight: 2 oz