E024-Ehomful Mini Pen Camera ,Wearable,720P Mini Perfect

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◆ Easy Set Up - Record Video with the press of a button.
◆ No Flashing LED - The LED indicator is located on the back of the pen and will only flash to indicate recording has started.
◆ One Button Operation - Simple and easy, just press one button to start.
 Built-in battery and work without being plugged into power supply   
◆ HD Video & Audio - Capture brilliant 720p HD video
◆ Date & Time Stamp - Video has an imbedded Date & Time
◆ Fully Functioning Pen 
If you’re looking for the best portable hidden camera pen for adults and kids, combining a robust, premium pen design with the highest performance full HD video camera, one touch record and still shot function, our Camera Pen is the perfect choice!

1080 FULL HD VIDEO RECORDING; unlike most covert surveillance equipment, our battery powered Hidden Camera Pen records full color HD video at 60FPS, in full high definition with still shot functionality and crystal clear video!

USED AS DIFFERENT SITUATIONS: Ultra-integrated pen type design, suitable for meeting recording, evidence recording, and outdoor sports scenes, etc100% COVERT: Best quality hidden camera pen, just simply forget cheap CCTV security cameras with low resolution video, our Camera Pen Camera provides full covert recording for home, outdoor or business at full 720p HD

PREMIUM CAMERA PEN DESIGN: The light only comes on for a few seconds to let you know that recording has started, but then turns off.
This latest 720P FHD Video Pen Camera is the best & perfect for cover monitoring at home or work! instead of other surveillance recorders,it is the smallest best hidden camera with long battery life for everyday use.100% Covert & Easy to use
This camera records with unparalleled video and audio quality. Looks and functions like a normal pen and even comes with replacement ink cartridges.This device has a great stylish design that mimics the look of high end writing utensils. You can even hide the video lens when you're not using it.This covert recorder is ideal for any moment in life with its one touch recording feature.Unlike other hidden cameras, our Pen is designed with a one-touch record button without flashing lights, allowing you to easily covertly record lectures, interviews, meetings and many more without a trace!
Our hidden Camera Pen is a best product with below advantages:
– Supports up to 64GB memory for hours of video storage works on pc and mac.
– High performance image sensor records video in full 1920x1080p 30fps.
– One touch recording and still image function without flashing light.
– Disguised as fully functioning, premium everyday writing ball pen.
– Includes USB cable for hard drive transfer.
Recharge and download easily on any Windows PC or Mac computer by connecting the device to the computers' USB port. No software required when watching your videos, just use QuickTime, Windows media player or VLC media player. You can even save your videos files right onto your computers desktop just by copying and pasting the files right off the product. This device will last up to 80 minutes once it has been fully charged.